Do you tolerate poor levels of service?


Do you tolerate poor levels of service?

Since our world started to re-open in phases, I’ve seen numerous articles and posts about supporting our High Streets and shunning online options.

Each to their own of course and individuals’ personal decisions will be framed I suspect in part at least, by the content of their High Street.

But in a “perfect” High Street, are your choices not also heavily influenced by customer service? Do you still support your local shops if the service is slow, if the staff are unhelpful and lack communication skills, worsened if their product knowledge is limited or even non-existent?

So why use a door drop supplier whose range of services are perhaps similarly limited in the first instance, whose service is slow and perhaps worst of all, has product knowledge limited by the services they offer?

More than 25 years ago, TLC broke the mould in providing an independent and impartial door drop planning and buying service, built on decades of industry experience and not influenced by the need to fuel in-house final mile solutions.

That model has survived, evolved and grown over that time and flatteringly, been copied by some of our peers. Our staff numbers have increased consistently as a result, but the continuance of high customer service levels has arguably been one of our greatest achievements.

The proof of the pudding is the number of clients who change jobs from time to time, but continue to use our services in their new positions, in addition to the number of referrals we receive.

Its not unusual for us to provide same day, first stage responses to client briefs, or within 24 hours, or meet the agreed deadline that the client is comfortable with.

And when we follow the initial submission up, how many times have we heard the response “I’ve not really looked at it in detail yet and have nothing to compare it with because nobody else has replied yet”!

Some competitors in the past have belittled our size and suggested the client will be much better catered for by a larger supplier.


I’d wager that the combined experience of TLC directors and internal staff working day to day on clients’ business will be greater than any other supplier.

Its our business and we care passionately about it.

But we equally care passionately about our clients’ door drops working successfully so they return again and again.

Our account gains in the last 18 months, some of them major, well known brands, are the result of innovative thinking, practical application and a passion for the industry we work in.

Crucially, several have come about because the clients were unhappy at account handling standards at their previous suppliers.

Our passion for the industry is equally reflected in our roles over 25 years at the DMA working on behalf of the entire industry, raising standards, providing education and promoting the medium.

So don’t settle for ordinary or even worse account handling standards.

Give us a call on 01992 637333 or email us via our contact form or directly and make your own mind up.

Graham Dodd, Managing Director