Did you know that sea otters hold hands when they sleep?

by Graham Dodd on 02/09/2013

I’m not suggesting that an incredibly busy August saw us holding hands with our clients, but the concept of not drifting apart, remaining in constant touch and being on call at any time certainly kept us busy.

There have been no shortage of new briefs and requests for meetings and data, which has kept us more than busy (I’m pleased to say!).

And its from all business sectors.

One major piece of f.m.c.g. activity for September was planned and has been virtually booked, plus two new briefs were received for the Autumn and New Year where we are in the early stages of reviewing data and the opportunities for its application.

A major post distribution response analysis for one of our large charity clients in preparation for their first campaign of 2014 was completed and reviews held with two others, all related to activity completed earlier this year. These were accommodating what learnings were available, tweaking the planning models and then producing new data – one for the Autumn (now confirmed activity) and the other for the New Year.

One public sector interview for a significant piece of business having reached the final two through the tender process, a detailed submission for another which we have now retained, a pqq for yet another large new opportunity and contact from a client from yesteryear who is reviving their publication.

An “are you interested” email from a massive door drop advertiser (we are!), which would be new business for us and reads “we see no necessity of retaining our media buying agency when we can deal with the engine room direct” (their words), but that’s at a very early stage.

A pledge from a major retailer to give us airtime in the Autumn when the holiday season is well and truly over to present our services and products, plus another out of the blue contact from a second major retailer where our SMART-Drop service appears to be of specific interest.

In addition to which, we have been beavering away for our ever growing army of SME door drop users, whose activity requests generally provide “weeks” notice rather than the months larger clients tend to work to, which often requires a little midnight oil burning!

And one of those SME’s was our first Christmas activity booking (in September!), where the promotional objective via an incentive, is to book early and avoid disappointment – good advice!

But what’s been really gratifying is the number of new contacts that are referrals (including the massive advertiser), returning clients or new contracts impressed by our attention to detail, our lateral thinking and the practicality of our advice.

So if you would like to put us to the test and understand why so many clients are turning to us for their door drop solutions, just contact Graham or Neal through sales@letterboxconsultancy.co.uk, use the contact page on www.letterboxconsultancy.co.uk or simply call us on 01992 637333.

We will be delighted to hear from you and can sure you of a prompt, professional response.

And, do sea otters hold hands when they sleep?

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