Is the customer always right?

by Graham Dodd on 22/10/2018

Last week I caught a piece on Good Morning Britain as I was readying to leave for work, posing that question.

I have mixed views as a consumer and a supplier.

As a consumer, if we are talking about purchasing cars, computers or phones, I’ll bow to superior knowledge, as you don’t need to know a lot to know more than me!

If I feel I have been wronged or service is poor, I’m more than happy to argue my case however.

And as a supplier, I similarly take a two pronged view.

At TLC we are generally fortunate to work with well informed and educated users of door drops and in many cases, hope we have made some contribution to clients’ knowledge over the years.

But equally, we are commonly presented with a prospect’s or client’s door drop plan which we may think is flawed and can be improved.

So we will also suggest that there are other options and opportunities to consider, implement and/or at least test.

It would be more than reasonable to substantiate that advice with a rationale and perhaps examples of where we know such advice has been successfully implemented.

Clients don’t always of course follow the route we may propose and if they still choose us to be the service provider, that’s fine, but a booking is accommodated by a reminder that the plan is not ours!

Other contacts, most likely prospects, will sometimes walk away and use another supplier, but its always particularly interesting when further down the line, they return!

And of course, throughout the process, we believe the personal touch is important.

A face to face or telephone chat about objectives, options, potential pitfalls and friendly guidance has to be part of the customer experience, which is something online booking options cannot give you.

I also wonder just how many users there are out there, who have implemented door drop activity based upon their own perceptions and preferences (perhaps just once) and now believe the medium does not work for them?

I know of quite a few !

Or how many are “happy” with the performance of their activity, but unwilling to test new ideas or concepts to determine whether the medium can work harder for them and response can be further improved?

I know quite a few of them as well!

At TLC we pride ourselves on our customer service levels and can point to regular client referrals and clients moving to pastures new, taking us with them as a preferred supplier.

So, if we don’t think the customer is right, we will make the point, but in a friendly, informative and helpful style.

After all, manners cost nothing.

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