Can you choose what items your door drop is distributed with?

by Graham Dodd on 07/07/2017

An interesting question, with a range of answers.

In reality, solus distribution, where just your item is delivered should guarantee no conflict, but only at the point of entering the letterbox.

Once it lands on the doormat, a very different scenario can emerge.

Considering that up to 50% of UK households can be empty during the day, when you return home tonight and pick up items from your doormat, you have no idea of how and when they were delivered.

So it’s quite feasible that your solus leaflet will reside alongside other items delivered by Royal Mail door to door, free newspapers and/or other solus items.

And in some market sectors, a resultant “clash” can be reasonably common.

It does also pose the question that perhaps up to 50% of your solus spend can be compromised because the consumer views your item as shared, but that’s another issue.

Whilst solus in theory guarantees exclusivity, free newspapers will not and there is every chance your item will be delivered alongside a direct competitor, particularly at seasonal peaks.

Through Royal Mail D2D the situation is a little more complex.

Last year they broadened their category booking process in an attempt to reduce access issues for which the service had become renowned.

Historically as a charity, you were guaranteed exclusivity at postal sector level, but that is no longer the case.

There are now 6 charity booking categories, so it is conceivable an appeal for money or help, could be delivered alongside a charity bag and/or an appeal for furniture, books etc (and others).

The new category of restaurants and takeaway, allows a home delivery pizza leaflet to be delivered alongside a leaflet for a restaurant.

And if you seek shared distribution through team based companies, be very careful.

Low entry charges demand the final mile supplier ultimately sources sufficient number of sharing items to make the drop profitable for them, so the edges can become blurred.

And it’s that which prompted this blog.

Last weekend, a Slimming World postcard was delivered to my house.

Not something I am interested in (!), but one of the local kebab shop leaflets festooned with images of burgers, meat and chips which was delivered alongside looked much more appealing!

Am I missing some clever synergy between the two?

I don’t think so.

Kim and Jayne who appear to hold the Slimming World franchise, might want to re-think their distribution strategy in relation to the brand’s culture, but I expect it’s a cheap distribution option, so possibly not.

And the leaflet content is not great.

A difficult to read A6 leaflet with a small font, italic typeface introduction which might turn readers off and they will never get to the third paragraph where a £5.00 offer can be found, not that it’s highlighted or stand out in any way.

Oh dear.

Slimming World, time for a re-think?

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