Why Do We Turn to Door Drop Marketing?

by Nick Gatt on 22/11/2016

Door Drop marketing has been used by companies for years as an effective tool to reach wide audiences.

However, with advancements in technology, a lot of companies are turning to digital marketing for a number of reasons; so where does this leave door drop marketing?

Here’s our Top 3 reasons why a door drop marketing campaign can still be an effective tool in a campaign today :

Target your ideal customer

With a huge choice of demographic software now available, marketing specialists (like us at Hattrick) can help to reach your ideal target market with an effective door drop campaign.

With a wide variety of print collateral, such as leaflets, postcards, magazines and catalogues, it’s easy to catch the eye of your target audience.

Targeting a local market can sometimes be tricky with other marketing techniques, but a door drop campaign is perfect for targeting specific geographical and/or demographic locations.

This is most effective when trying to break into a new market, promoting a particular offer or sending samples of a new product.

It’s very cost effective

This form of marketing communication has one of the highest response rates because of the opportunity to include coupons, samples, and other incentives.

Therefore, return on investment can be exceptional with an effective door drop marketing campaign.

This also means that the cost per impression is markedly less than other advertising techniques, even when compared with digital!

Just ensure you include an effective call to action which will spur your potential customer to get in touch, purchase or whatever your desired outcome might be.

Leaves a lasting impression

Having a physical piece of print can create a very longstanding impression with your audience.

This is especially true when compared with digital, where the impression often only last a few seconds.

When your target market receives your piece of marketing collateral, they can set it aside, put it somewhere memorable or even pass it off to friends or family.

This also creates the opportunity for multiple impressions over a prolonged period of time.

The more time your audience spends with your advert, the more likely they are to take action.

But it is of course vital that you partner with a supplier who is able to provide you with an efficient and effective service, encompassing targeting, planning and a range of final mile distribution solutions, which meet the demands of any single campaign.

The Letterbox Consultancy has been our preferred supplier for many years now and successfully interact with our account management as part of the team, helping to advise and service our diverse range of clients who use door drops as part of the marketing mix.                                                                                                                                                                    

We would recommend anyone seeking guidance on door drop marketing to talk to The Letterbox Consultancy.

Nick Gatt, Account Director

Hattrick Marketing


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