Research shows that catalogues drive online sales

by Neal Dodd on 22/02/2013

New research has been published by MarketReach – featured on the DMA web site this week – showing the effect that printed catalogues have upon online sales.

The research primarily focused on direct mailings, however there are strong parallels to be drawn with door drops.

From a range of findings, perhaps the most prominent is that 60% of people receiving a catalogue go online to make a purchase.

Furthermore, the research also looked at consumer behaviour following the receipt of a catalogue, with the following learnings:

– 34% of people keep catalogues in their homes for up to 12 months!

– Over 50% of people have stated that catalogues offer a convenient way to review products

– Seven out of 10 people will spend between five to 30 minutes reading catalogues that they receive

It can be increasingly difficult for companies to accurately measure the success of their marketing activity, and research such as this reinforces the view that printed items, such as catalogues, play a major role in the end purchase – whether in-store or online.

Recent changes in the door drop industry have meant that distribution of a catalogue via the door drop channel is increasingly viable.

In 2012, Royal Mail Door to Door increased their capacity to handle items weighing 100-200g grams, adding a valuable option to the door drop mix; with efficient, reliable distribution to parts of the UK that can be difficult to reach.

Since 2010, TLC’s SMART-Drop service has provided opportunities to create bespoke distribution rounds, planned at postcode unit level. Such specific targeting considerably reduces the wastage of a door drop plan, ensuring that bulky, costly items can be delivered efficiently.

If you’d like some examples of how door drop distribution can play a part in the delivery of catalogues, contact us today.

For the full DMA article – click here.

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