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by Graham Dodd on 08/11/2019

The success of any door drop campaign depends upon a number of variables, but creativity is very definitely one.

We are commonly asked to provide creative guidance by new clients and are always happy to oblige, though we don’t consider ourselves as experts.

There are of course some basics in terms of good quality paper, engaging colours, a call to action which perhaps is an offer or discount, plus multiple touchpoints.

And please, always print on both sides of the leaflet!

A secondary question about creativity often comes alongside the question of distribution frequency.

How many times in a year should you drop to any given area and should you change your creative within that cycle?

I was prompted to write this blog after receiving the Mavi’s Gutters leaflet/compliment slip – printed on one side!

This is the third “leaflet” I have received from them this year, all in the same format, all telling me they are about to clean my neighbours’ gutters and would I like an estimate for mine to be cleaned.

Its okay, it has multiple touchpoints, a smiley face and is an interesting technique.

Perhaps its just me, but I think its wrong to make multiple deliveries to households using the same creative and format, especially telling me they are cleaning my neighbour’s gutters (again!).

If I was interested and did not see my neighbours’ gutters being cleaned in the next few days, I could think I have been deceived?

I always think this type of service cries out for testimonials, quite possibly resulting in versioned leaflets to reflect the wide area this company appears to cover.

In another life, many moons ago, one of the largest door drop accounts I worked on was Dolphin Showers.

In an era when testing was imperative, over a long period of time, Dolphin discovered covering households on a quarterly basis, with different creative executions consistently generated the best level of response.

Fast forward to the current day, whilst Domino’s Pizzas appear to have dramatically reduced their volumes this year, when their leaflets do arrive they are in a familiar format, but the content/offers are different. The leaflet triggers recall because of its familiarity, but I suspect engages with pizza lovers through its offers.

So there is no one size fits all and frequency/creative will vary from the client to client.

Testing is the way through the maze.

But creativity is a very easy test, even within individual campaigns, where multiple leaflet versions can be dropped across the entire distribution schedule.

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