I’m trying to remember what industry I work in?

by Graham Dodd on 05/04/2018

Now I know I’m getting on a bit and it doesn’t take too much to confuse me these days.


I’m not sure my industry does too much to help or promote itself, when its name keeps changing.

Back in the 70’s I joined Marketforce, one of the market leaders in the house to house distribution market.

I never really thought about the industry name at the time, but in reality, it did what it said on the tin.

In the 90’s it morphed into door to door distribution, I know not why, but again it seemed to fit (presumably taking flats into account as well!).

In the early noughties, letterbox marketing became the “popular” name (which removed all discrimination between property types!).

But then there was move within the then DMA Door to Door Council, to change the name to door drop, because that’s what the “big media agencies” called it!

It was not a universally popular suggestion.

The bulk of DMA members never had or were ever likely to have, any dealings with “big media agencies” (I suspect that most non-members were probably the same), so didn’t understand what the value of changing the name was.

But it happened (or was forced through) by interested parties.

In recent times, we have seen the rise of the name advertising mail.

From a DMA perspective, none of this has any real bearing any longer anyway.

Having forced the closure of the Council for reasons I still don’t fully understand and created a smaller Door Drop Board, the industry has now totally lost its identity within its own trade association with the closure of the Board and the allocation of just three industry representatives (Neal is one) to a new Print Council.

What a horrendous concept.

Anyway, back to my industry’s name.

To be fair, I cannot remember the last time a client or prospect referred to house to house.

But, we regularly receive enquiries for “distribution” and we commonly are asked if we provide direct mail services, when the enquirer actually means door drop.

The DMA website has a door drop supplier link, which will take you through to 12 listed, presumably member companies.

The Insert Company and Deutsche Post don’t even sound like door drop companies and their company descriptions don’t mention the medium, so it’s a bit of a surprise they are listed.

Of the remaining 10, who are all door drop companies to my certain knowledge, 4 have letterbox in their name and that perhaps seems an industry favourite?

But, just for clarity (!), whether you are looking for house to house, door to door, Royal Mail door to door, letterbox marketing, door drop, solus, shared, advertising mail, distribution or even direct mail, we can help you!

I’d be interested to hear what you call the medium when you are considering using it?

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