Industry Overview

The door drop marketing industry provides a range of services for advertisers to deliver their unaddressed communications material throughout the UK to 27+ million households.

The industry offers three primary routes to market:

  • Royal Mail door-to-door delivered alongside the morning mail, to a maximum of 7 non-competing items
  • Team based systems – primarily where distribution is completed on a solus basis (just the client’s item is dropped) or occasionally on a shared basis
  • Alongside free newspapers – generally 2, 3 or 4 items distributed with the free newspaper or solus on a day of the week other than when the newspaper itself is dropped.

Each of the three options has its relative strengths and weaknesses, but access to and use of the systems should be determined by individual campaign objectives. Key issues such as:

  • The size and weight of the distribution item
  • The lead time provided to implement the activity
  • The length of the distribution window
  • Resource capabilities

and of course budgets will influence the selection of the route or routes to market.

You can read more about these distribution methods on this site, including solus rates and free newspaper distribution.

Each of the distribution options can be used in isolation, but more and more commonly, media plans are implemented for clients by using any appropriate combination of the systems.

Our SMART-Drop service now provides a further complimentary door drop option alongside these primary methods. The Letterbox Consultancy is also able to provide a direct mail service to run alongside these door drop options, as well as a standalone solution where required.

Door drops can be planned in many ways, by:

  • TV or radio coverage areas
  • Sales regions or territories
  • Counties
  • Postcode areas, districts or sectors
  • Distance or drive time models from postcode units such as store locations

or simply postal sector ranking reports driven by primary target market density.

The majority of the door drop industry work with MOSAIC as the favoured geo-demographic targeting service and we have access to that system to provide clients with bespoke targeting solutions. The Letterbox Consultancy works with the latest profiling software and can offer clients the most up to date MOSAIC system, fully implemented from January 2015.

The industry has seen a decline in volumes dropped in recent years due to a combination of the effects of recession and improved targeting opportunities. The DMA 2013 statistics track trends over the last 5 years and can be viewed at the top of this page. To see a larger version of this click on ‘full’ in the Menu.