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by Graham Dodd on 12/11/2012

In 2010/11, several members of the now defunct DMA Door Drop Council spent many, many hours writing and producing “A users guide to door drop marketing”, which included “Ten Top Tips”, which was also produced as a standalone document.

Both documents were widely heralded at the time of production, but now find themselves languishing on page 6 of the Door Drop section on the DMA website (which only has 7 pages!).

On page 1 of the website there are five door drop related posts (four taken from November’s newsletter) out of 10, but five “others” including an insert case study.

Page 2 follows a similar format, but there are just three items which are directly relevant to the medium taken from a newsletter in August of 2012, but five insert case histories and report postings!

The Guide, in my opinion, deserves much greater prominence.

It includes research tit bits from 2009/10 which I think are still relevant, a general introduction to door drops and how to use them as part of the marketing mix, detail on the different levels of coverage each door drop option offers, an introduction to targeting, some creative tips, a validation guide and then the Top Ten Tips.

All in all a good read for people new to the medium or planning door drop activity.

Yes there are one or two bits of information that are out of date, but it should not take the current Door Drop Board Committee too long to update and publish a new pdf?

The DMA has a responsibility to its members to represent their best interests and I don’t think visitors to the website looking for information about door drops will currently learn very much, so I don’t think DMA members will benefit from those visits to the website.

They currently need to wade through multiple postings about inserts which should surely be in the Inserts section (?) and numerous random posts about general direct marketing issues and in my opinion will still not learn a huge amount about the UK door drop market and its suppliers.

Sure some of the random posts have a (passing) relevance to the door drop industry, but most are very tenuous.

If a visitor is looking for real information about door drops, is this stuff really of interest to them?

Surely, if visitors to the site found it helpful and informative, ultimately that may prove beneficial for DMA door drop members.

For your copy of the Users Guide to Door Drop Marketing, click here.

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