2016 door drop volume report

by Graham Dodd on 25/01/2017

Our year end door drop volume monitor shows that the 2016 weekly average was 7.1 items, a marginal increase on 2015, but again down from the 8.6 of 2014, itself down on the previous two years.

There are no official statistics to compare our results with, as the last DMA volume report was for 2014 where it was claimed the national weekly average was 4.5, but we believe the real size of the  industry was probably double that figure.

Their 2014 report referenced the industry’s significant “decline” since 2007 when a “massive” 7.7 average was recorded.

In truth we believe, the market was still twice that size even then.

Irrespective of that, our own statistics show that the market stabilised in 2016 after 2015’s fall in volume, which is a positive sign.

The DMA volumes can only be led by member input and as we have said before, whilst they are probably an accurate reflection of the national door drop market, they are not an accurate reflection of the entire market.

And a closer inspection of our 2016 data confirms that, when considering that 60% of all door drop items received were delivered on a solus or shared basis by teams or walkers.

Royal Mail door to door, almost certainly market leader in “national” distribution business terms, enjoyed 35% share with the remaining 5% belonging to free newspapers; just 20 items in a year!

54% of all items received were retail (national and local), 20% local businesses, 13% charities (of which 11% were clothes bags), 8% direct response, with the balance split evenly between telecoms, the public sector and political literature.

Predictably retail was the largest business area for each distribution service, Royal Mail D2D dominated the direct response market, solus/shared drops dominated the local marketplace, as well as charities, but the latter is because of the high proportion of clothes bags.

In comparison to our market statistics, The Letterbox Consultancy enjoyed genuine growth in 2016, winning a wide range of new business from different market sectors.

We believe we can continue to rightly claim to be market leaders in the implementation of targeted door drops.

Our SMART-Drop service sets us apart from any other provider.

No other door drop provider can offer clients the nationwide range of final mile distribution options available through us.

Our planning skills provide clients with door drop media plans that commonly will include multiple, final mile solutions to help achieve promotional objectives.

Commonly sitting alongside Royal Mail door to door opportunities, our unique sub sector options provide clients with a very different view of how door drops can work for them.

So the next time you are thinking door drop, think The Letterbox Consultancy.

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