April Newsletter

by Team on 29/04/2013

A web site update, new guest article and blogs on media buying & industry volumes


“New” Website

We have completed our Spring website makeover, which includes new client testimonials and new images of clients’ door drop items.

We have also now published a list of our associate companies who can help clients complete all the elements of their door drop journey from start to finish.

Each associate is recognised as experts in their respective fields and we would recommend you talking to them all.

There is one specific new service that can only be accessed via TLC, through which we can now offer you a service which; collects your printed matter from source and then packs, labels and re-delivers bulk supplies as per contract requirements.

The service provides an online tracking facility for clients to monitor the delivery of their supplies and we would be happy to provide a quotation for this service at any time.

Guest Article

Proposing the use of free newspapers as a door drop option to some clients and prospects commonly generates a sharp intake of breath and a shaking of heads – unfairly in our opinion.

We also have a view that opinions of free newspapers have to some degree been jaundiced by the option being mis-sold over the years and sadly there are still examples where the quality of media planning provided by some suppliers is questionable (see blog link below).

Free newspapers continue to play a major role in our door drop solutions for clients, particularly when enhanced with the power of SMART-Drop, so we thought it useful to invite Chris White-Smith, Managing Director of Newsquest Direct to express his opinions on the current role of free newspapers in the media mix.

Graham’s Blog – are you receiving the best package from your door drop supplier? Take the EN8 9 test!

Should the objective of a door drop supplier such as TLC not be to provide a client with a door drop proposal that maximises coverage of any agreed primary target market area, within given cost parameters?

Particularly when using free newspapers (which according to our leaflet monitor still maintain 24% market share), we regularly see evidence of clients’ door drop activity NOT achieving that objective – in our opinion.

And commonly, such plans are created on behalf of clients and/or their agencies that perhaps have a preferred supplier upon whom they rely entirely to provide the best solution.

Graham’s recent blog questions that process following a recent lost pitch process and cites an example for other clients/agencies to consider.

Door drop volume monitor

Graham’s blog, charting door drop volumes in March, showed an increase in weekly receipt to nearly 10 items per week and the annual total to just in excess of 9 – in comparison to the DMA’s suggestion of just in excess of 5 (and falling).

Yet the DMA Door Drop Board’s recent newsletter also provided some surprising “support” for our belief the weekly average is higher than 5!

FREE Door drop seminar

Every 2 months, marketing support services company GI Solutions host a one day seminar focusing on direct mail and door drops at their Head Office in Leicester.

The next event is on Thursday May 30th and you can register for this or any subsequent date here.

As ever, Graham will be completing the door drop session, so sign up without delay!

DMA Door Drop news

There is rarely much news coming out of the DMA Door Drop Board Committee, but on Friday April 19th they are holding a meeting at the DMA’s offices in London, to review their achievements over the last couple of years.

We will be attending and will update you on any interesting news in our May newsletter.


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