Door to door – Christmas and New Year period

by Neal Dodd on 10/11/2016

We are now less than seven weeks away from Christmas Day, but it is not too late to book your Christmas or New Year related door drop distribution.

There are some important things to consider when planning door to door activity in the festive period and the best thing to do if you are considering booking activity would be to contact us today.

Here are some details:

Royal Mail door to door

The Royal Mail door to door operation runs 52 weeks a year and so we can book distribution for you for w/c 19th December, w/c 26th December and w/c 2nd January.

Postal workers will not work on the bank holidays over this period but distribution will be carried out in the week of your choice.

Bulk delivery dates for Royal Mail Walk Bundling Centres will be affected and by contacting us to discuss your door to door plans, we can advise when your stock needs to be delivered into Royal Mail.

Solus / Shared

Team operations across the UK will have their own plans for Christmas and New Year opening.

In most areas of the UK, The Letterbox Consultancy are able to offer multiple solus and/or shared distribution options, meaning that whatever your door drop requirements, we are confident that we can accommodate them.

Solus distribution will be affected by darker mornings and evenings, adverse weather and staff holiday.

It is therefore advisable to contact us as soon as possible to outline your leaflet distribution requirements, allowing us to put a plan together for you.


The Yellshare delivery plan works through December and is planned to accommodate the festive period.

We are able to offer distribution in the North East, Scotland, Wales and North London during December and early January, with distribution unaffected by Christmas and New Year.

Delivery deadlines maybe affected because of bank holiday dates – contact us to discuss this further.

Free newspaper

Some free newspaper distributions are postponed or reduced during the holiday period but many run throughout in full. Delivery deadlines will be affected and we can advise on stock delivery deadlines for every major publishing group.

Again, if you are considering a newshare distribution during December and early January, the best course of action is to contact us as soon as possible to look through the available areas and dates, so that we can put a comprehensive door drop plan together for you.

In many cases, a door drop plan that involves a mixture of distribution methods will be the best option to improve targeted and increase response.

The Letterbox Consultancy can put together a door drop plan quickly, so why not contact us today and see the impact that a well planned campaign can have on your business in the busy Christmas period?

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