Don’t jeopardise your door drop activity by booking late

by Graham Dodd on 04/09/2015

Now September is with us, if you have not already finalised your door drop plans for the remainder of this year and into the next, we would suggest that you don’t leave it much longer.

The Autumn has historically represented the door drop industry’s busiest season and in certain business areas, there are already accessibility issues, particularly through Royal Mail door to door.

Royal Mail’s guarantee to provide clients with brand or service exclusivity at postal sector level in any week of the year can cause late bookers issues.

Whilst most of our major charity clients have completed their booking processes (as it seems have many other charities), where we are still working on other campaigns, the ability to book target market sectors in specific weeks – particularly if the distribution window is quite small – is restricted.

And its not only the charity sector that we are having problems with.

The hospitality sector is waking up to the reality that the Christmas and New Year period is coming and garden centres similarly wishing to publicise their Santa Grottos are looking at their options.

Shopping centres will be seeking to increase footfall as the decorations go up and present hunting becomes increasingly more important.

At some point, the health and leisure industries will start to decide whether to drop in the week leading up to New Year’s Eve or the first full week of 2016, as consumers ponder their keep fit/lose weight regimes.

And of course for many retailers, January sale time beckons and timing will again be crucial, so if a competitor books first, your activity will be blocked.

Royal Mail door to door is of course only one final mile delivery option, but in our opinion, it’s the market leader for many campaigns, though not all, particularly where targeted door drop requirements are for sub postal sector activity.

The free newspaper industry no longer offers the depth of coverage it provided in yesteryear and that coverage will only decrease in the Festive Season, when many titles will probably not even publish in some weeks (though that information is months away from being made public).

The nationwide team service will be available, but again probably limited just before and certainly after the Christmas weekend.

Ultimately, the industry will be able to provide a solution to your door drop requirements, but you may need to be a little flexible particularly in terms of timing, both start and completion dates.

And don’t forget to factor the weather conditions into your planning.

In true Wells Fargo fashion, the Royal Mail will almost certainly get through within their weekly cycles, but snow, ice and persistent rain may have a greater effect on the other options.

That is of course if you don’t take our advice and start the planning process without further delay, which will only help to achieve your timing objectives, hopefully subsequently helping to achieve your marketing objectives.

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