Local communities trust local papers over social media

by Team on 09/07/2013

Only 6% of people aged over 55 trust Twitter to find out what is happening in their local communities.

In an interesting article published by Marketing Magazine today, this and other statistics revealed a startling lack of trust for social media in general, when it comes to receiving news about your local area.

Here are some highlights from the research, commissioned by Havas PR on behalf of the CSR and Local Community research:

– Only 10% of people aged 55 and over trust Facebook for finding out what is happening in their local community.

– The highest level of trust comes from people aged 29-34, yet this still stands at only 29%.

– In contrast, local newspapers were trusted by 67% of people.

You can read the full article here.

Much of TLC’s work in planning localised leaflet distribution involves a discussion regarding the merits of your door drop options, including Royal Mail Door to Door, solus and free newspaper distribution.

In previous blog’s, we have focused on how free newspaper distribution can be perceived by marketing staff, with many of the opinion that people do not like free newspapers.

These findings suggest that perhaps this view is not really true, and that people of all ages not only read their local newspaper, but trust the information that comes with it.

If you’re considering placing your door drop item alongside a local newspaper, that has to make good reading – doesn’t it?

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