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by Team on 25/03/2013

2012 coupon response data, online testing opportunities and a look at Australia


Last month’s article about SMART-Drop appeared to offend one or two agency staff.

In Graham’s blog last week, he pretty much stands by what he said last month, but also poses the question; if you think small area distribution has no merits, please explain why rather than just dismiss the proposal with no rational explanation?

TLC see SMART-Drop very much as still a work in progress and if it’s current applications need improving, tell us how you would like to see the service work and what would make you test it.

SMART-Drop is all about reducing volumes; minimising wastage and maximising accuracy, so surely that is a step in the right direction?

But we don’t position SMART-Drop as an alternative to standard methods, more of a complimentary option, although it can of course provide standalone solutions.

Would be interested to hear what you think?

Valassis 2012 Coupon Data

Last week’s Promotional Marketing newsletter contained an interesting article from Valassis Managing Director Charles D’Oyly, which focused on the increasing use of coupons as a promotional tool for marketers:

In 2012, TLC completed a number of door drop couponing exercises for a range of clients, some of which we can share in case history format.

These drops were a combination of Royal Mail D2D and SMART-Drop activity, so if you would like to learn more, please just get in touch.

fast.MAP Online Panel Testing

Almost weekly, one client or another will draw upon our years of door drop experience when planning their door drop activity – and after all, that’s what we are here for!

Popular questions tend to revolve around creativity in terms of the shape and/or size of the piece, perhaps content in respect of coupon values or incentives, response mechanisms, quality of paper etc.

Where possible, we will refer clients to examples of past client activity.

But there is a more structured opportunity via fast.MAP’s online panel service and we would recommend a visit to their website, or talk to us and we will happily introduce you.

Volume Monitor

Graham’s most recent blog about door to door industry volumes, showed an increase in items received in February in comparison to January and also focused on creativity – or rather a general lack of it!

We did not receive any items in February that created that “stand out on the doormat” feeling, but we did arrange the distribution of several for different clients!

And our review of March already promises to be interesting!

Guest Article

This month we travel to the other side of the world, for a view of door drops in Australia.

Tony Smith is General Manager of Salmat, who – in Tony’s words – enjoy the dominant share of the marketplace, in excess of the postal service out there.

Retail is a major business area for the industry in Australia and Tony provides a glimpse of how the medium is used out there.


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