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by Neal Dodd on 03/02/2014

Andy Owen, a direct marketing specialist, is the author of Copycat articles.

His latest edition of Copycat focuses on marketing to the over 50’s.

Implementing a successful door drop campaign involves several considerations. At TLC, we use household profiling software and our experience of applying the most appropriate form of door to door distribution, in order for the campaign to have the best possible chance of being a success – often targeting the over 50’s.

However, other elements such as the creative, the timing, the copy and the offer are just as crucial.

Andy is a well respected, experienced provider of specialist direct marketing advice.

Here is an introduction to Andy’s latest Copycat article, about marketing to the over 50’s.

The first Copycat of 2014, is all about the most lucrative audience of them all – the 50+ marketplace.

The ‘Silver Surfers’ or ‘Grey Eagles’ as they are sometimes called, are very attractive to marketers in most sectors.

But those marketers, in the main, haven’t got a clue how to talk to them correctly. So, as a result, most campaigns perform very badly.

In the article, I give a few reasons why I think this is happening – and I also name and shame a few companies, who really should know better.

Enjoy the article…’s.pdf

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