A tale of two Media Directors

by Graham Dodd on 01/11/2016

A few weeks ago I had back to back meetings in London with two media directors of agencies which use door drops within the marketing mix for their clients.

One was an existing client, the other a client of a competitor.

Both meetings were requested by the media directors, because they wanted to hear more about our Yellshare proposition.

Because of that, I set off for London in a positive mood and looking forward to presenting Yellshare’s key benefits.

My first meeting with our existing client, could not have got off to a worst start however.

I was still setting up, when the words “interested to hear what you have to say, but when I receive my directory at home I throw it away” were uttered.

My presentation took a definite change in direction as a result, but the meeting progressed more positively as he warmed to the concept, stating “I think this could have real benefits for clients with an older target market, people I think are more likely to still use directories”.

As the main work we undertake on their behalf is exactly for that target market, I’m hopeful of a test any time soon given some of the directories on the horizon!

At the next meeting, making a slightly more cautious opening, I was encouraged by a client making notes from the start, which slightly surprised me as at that stage I was only really talking about the existing concept of small area distribution rather than Yellshare.

It subsequently emerged that he was unaware that sub sector distribution opportunities even existed and had only ever booked postal sector drops for his various clients using the medium.

So when we reached the nitty gritty of the presentation and the real value of targeting units of hundreds of households rather than the thousands associated with postal sector drops became apparent, the potential became obvious.

He too identified an older generation as a potential area of interest, but was perhaps more “open minded” and started to introduce other key factors such as timing and areas for specific clients with younger target markets as reasons why he would consider Yellshare.

We are now producing some specimen data for a short term test which will sit alongside an existing Royal Mail door to door campaign.

And that’s one of the key propositions we make to clients.

Yellshare has not been created to replace other door drop options and is more likely to sit alongside full sector activity, quite probably providing coverage in areas of potential value to a client, perhaps not previously covered on door drop activity.

I reflected on both meetings as I travelled back to Cheshunt, that they had taken very different and unexpected directions, but had similar outcomes.

Testing door drop for the first time, or testing different door drop opportunities need not be complicated, nor require massive budgets.

I was encouraged in the first place to get in front of two media directors, enthused by their responses and hopeful that we will agree test packages in the coming weeks.

Sadly, such opportunities seem limited these days and door drop is commonly a medium many users seem to repeat campaign after campaign, because “they work”, without seemingly thinking about how future campaigns may be improved.

And it seems that the existence of sub sector targeting continues to bypass some users when its been available for years, but perhaps that’s because of their current supplier’s reticence to move with the times?

Its not about one size fits all.

A little creative thinking and testing can reap benefits.

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