A Summer Door Drop Review

by Graham Dodd on 14/09/2016

September heralds the end of the door drop industry’s quiet season and beginning of its busiest season.

June-August was not as quiet as previous years though, with just over 5 items being received each week on average, though the year to date average fell to 7.3.

Nearly 60% of all items received were distributed on a solus/shared basis, reflecting the dominance of those types of distribution so far this year (and in recent years), where the year to date market share result is again c. 60%.

Royal Mail’s 34% of the Summer market almost exactly replicates their 35% share of the year to date market, with free newspapers – just one leaflet in three months – falling even further behind with now just over 5% market share.

We believe the DMA intend to publish the 2015 industry statistics in the Autumn and we look forward to seeing the report.

We still suspect our final 2015 volume will be much higher than that reported and it will be interesting to see their predictions for 2016, given where we are in the year now and our findings to date (our statistics will almost certainly again be higher).

Retail is still far and away the industry’s largest business sector with just over 54% market share, which transmits itself across the industry as Royal Mail 61%, solus/shared 47% and free newspapers 86%.

Local businesses are the next biggest business area with 19% market share and unsurprisingly, 96% of that volume is delivered on a solus/shared basis.

Charities contributed nearly 12% of the total volume, of which 90% are again delivered on a solus/shared basis – but they are exclusively the plastic clothes collection bags we all receive.

It should be noted the three charity “paper” items were all delivered by Royal Mail though.

Personally that’s interesting, because whilst our major charity clients are also large Royal Mail users, we also encourage them to use alternative options where targeting opportunities are greater.

We generally find our mixed door drop media proposals stand out from the crowd i.e. we offer clients a more imaginative mix of opportunities and Royal Mail D2D sector distribution is commonly just one strand of a plan.

Direct response is the only other large business area with just over 9% market share, but here Royal Mail enjoy 87.5% market share, with the balance split between free newspapers and solus/shared.

Domino’s retained their distribution item every week through Royal Mail record and two Hillarys Blinds and B & Q leaflets were also received through Royal Mail in the quarter, but nothing exciting creatively.

If you receive anything through your door which is creatively different and which in your opinion “stands out”, we would be delighted if you would share the item with us with a commentary we can share with our clients and readers.

We are talking die cuts, stand out headlines or offers which make you look at the leaflet and take action as a result.

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