SMART-Drop’s changing role in door drop plans

by Team on 18/02/2014

Since its launch in May 2010, our SMART-Drop service has been used by a wide range of clients including major charities, large leisure operators, niche retailers, local and regional authorities, direct response advertisers and many, many more clients, large and small.

Some clients have and continue to use SMART-Drop as a standalone solution to their door drop requirements, but most will use the service in combination with other distribution solutions, most commonly Royal Mail door to door.

Our template for planning clients’ door drop activity using both systems, is based upon primary target market penetration levels for each postal sector.

Clients will have different cut off points determined by a number of variables and SMART-Drop will provide those clients with a door drop solution below the cut off point.

So the proposition becomes – use the Royal Mail D2D full coverage service in sectors with a majority population of the primary target market; use SMART-Drop in sectors where the primary target market exists in reasonable volumes, but full coverage of the sector can be considered too wasteful.

It’s a tried and trusted formula for an increasing number of clients, but its also a formula which needs re-visiting on a regular basis – sometimes for reasons beyond the control of the client, or The Letterbox Consultancy.

Royal Mail D2D remains a primary, trusted supplier, but a price increase is for some clients, a trigger to review their options.

For RM door drop activity taking place from March 30th, the average 5.1% price increase will inevitably have an impact on clients’ marketing budgets and door drop plans.

If budgets do not increase in line with door drop charges, something has to give.

In the last month, we have been reviewing many clients’ door drop plans in the wake of these changes and whilst retaining the existing template in most scenarios, in many, the threshold between implementation through Royal Mail D2D and SMART-Drop may well change.

So, if you would like a speculative review of your existing door drop plans, or you require a first stage proposal, please get in touch via the contact page and we will respond to your enquiry by return.

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