Challenging Preconceptions About Door Drops

by graham on 27/10/2011

Earlier this year, Royal Mail Door to Door® commissioned FreshMinds Research to conduct research into consumer attitudes about receiving door drop material, in comparison to other media channels.

Users and potential users of door drops should find the results of the research very interesting, here are some highlights:

  • Over 80% of consumers are happy to receive a door drop item, if the item is of interest to them
  • 74% of consumers are happy to receive information about local services via door drop
  • 45% of consumers say that they retain a door drop item on a pin board or in their kitchen drawer
  • 89% of consumers recall receiving a door drop item in the past two weeks, which is higher than any other channel (TV scored 80%)

The consistent message from this report, and other recent research, is that a door drop campaign will work well for your business, provided your item targets the right consumer, with the right message, at the right time.

The Letterbox Consultancy offers a full planning and implementation service; we will work with you to identify the primary target market your door drop item should be targeted at and demonstrate how to utilise the variety of distribution methods available in order to achieve your objectives efficiently and cost-effectively.

Your target consumers will be happy for your leaflet to come through their letterbox – so contact us today to find out how to make this happen!

The full Royal Mail report is available for you to download here.

In another research project commissioned by the Institute of Promotional Marketing and Royal Mail Door to Door® from fast.MAP, called Marketing Gap 2011, there are results may come as a surprise to many Marketing Managers and Brand Managers across the UK– particularly the comparisons between consumers and marketers’ responses!

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