Door Drop Recall Study – Results Available

by Neal Dodd on 25/04/2019

The Letterbox Consultancy today publishes data relating to the recall of door drop items, comparing same day backchecking processes against one and two week checks.

This research has been conducted in a controlled test environment with the following details:

  • Distribution of two different leaflets, at different times and to different households – carried out by The Letterbox Consultancy staff.
  • Distribution is classified as ‘perfect distribution’ i.e. it is certain that properties backchecked received the specified leaflet.
  • Face to face backchecks on the same day as distribution, one week after distribution and two weeks after distribution – also carried out by The Letterbox Consultancy.
  • Total of 225 face to face checks. Based on a typical backcheck ratio of 0.25%, this would equate to distribution of 90,000 leaflets.
  • ‘Not sure’ is recorded as a negative response but noted.

The purpose of this exercise is to generate accurate door drop recall statistics in a controlled test scenario that can be used as an industry benchmark.

We intend to update this data on an ongoing basis by conducting a like for like study against other distributions with different client material, allowing us to add to the overall data bank upon which this is based.

Here are the key highlights of the statistics that we are releasing today:

  • Average recall on the same day of distribution, across all items, is 76.92%
  • This falls to 42.50% after one week and further to 17.91% after two weeks
  • Local service leaflet, with owner’s picture, produced 87% recall the same day, compared with 75% recall for national charity item

Graphical representation of the data can be downloaded here.

Further details can be requested by contacting us. Data may be used with appropriate accreditation.

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