What level of response should I expect?

by Graham Dodd on 26/11/2013

Drayton Bird is a direct marketing guru and a good friend of mine.

His blog, last week, raised one of the most common questions we are asked as door drop experts:

“What level of response/redemption will we receive to our door drop?”

Without wishing to be rude, our common answer is “how long is a piece of string”?

There is a world of difference between dropping a high value f.m.c.g. coupon through letterboxes and (sometimes) exceeding 8% redemption, to generating leads for high ticket price home improvement companies whose products are always “thousands of pounds” (many peaking in five figure sums), again as opposed to driving store footfall.

So when Drayton posted one of his droppings last week, though it centred on direct mail, the synergy with these conversations was immediately obvious to me and as Drayton often does, made me laugh.

There is a lot of synergy between the points made on direct mail and the planning of door drops and clients would do well to think about them.

And that of course leads us to testing, but that’s a whole different topic.

To read Drayton’s blog, click here.

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