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by Team on 21/10/2015

Royal Mail MarketReach, the door drop medium’s biggest supplier, have produced a new handbook: “How to Produce Door Drops” which seeks to answer many of the questions that potential door drop users might have.

To download this handbook, please click here.

As an independent and impartial door drop media agency, we are often asked a similar set of questions by new contacts and clients about the medium.

The questions generally drive towards an end goal of “what does good look like” and “how do I achieve that“?

The industry and the DMA do little to provide training for newbies, so its refreshing when a guide is produced that appears to help answer those questions and more.

So, many thanks to Royal Mail for producing this handbook, which is packed with useful information and tips.

Broken down into seven sections; strategy, audience, creative, production, finance, evaluation and regulation, the handbook provides an effective, step by step guide of how to plan and implement your door drop activity.

But it is of course designed to drive you to using the undoubted skills of the Royal Mail door drop service.

Now, it’s more than reasonable to say that Royal Mail provide one of the most reliable and efficient door drop options you can use.

So there is nothing wrong with that, but there are other options.

It is quite conceivable that for any one campaign you undertake, Royal Mail may not be wholly or partially able to accommodate your requirements for any number of reasons.

That may be down to your lead times on booking, or your bulk supply deadlines, their postal sector availability, the targeting value of the postal sectors you wish to cover and your budget, amongst others.

For many of our existing clients, its commonplace for us to provide a door drop matrix which will almost inevitably include Royal Mail, but will also include other opportunities to enhance and improve the final plan, most commonly using our SMART-Drop service.

We can also help you source a printer who is experienced at producing door drop material, point you in the direction of a copywriting guru or a handling house to fulfil any response requirements.

And over and above all of that, talk you through the validation processes available to you to monitor the quality of the drop.

So if you would welcome an independent and impartial response to your door drop brief, please contact either Graham or Neal on 01992 637333, email, or use the contact page on this website.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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