The Everchanging Face Of Targeting

by graham on 08/05/2017

Berwick is a town in Northumberland.

Plymouth is a city in Devon.

Havering is one of the 32 London boroughs.

So what do they all have in common?

Not a lot really; as one of our retail clients has recently discovered.

Launching a new service into their nationwide stores, door drops were selected as a primary element of their marketing campaign.

Targeting for what was in effect a niche service, assumed paramount importance and the client identified a perceived primary target market.

But we were horrified at the prospect of overlaying one generic profile over all the stores participating in the launch.

Our best practice advice was to treat each location on its individual merits and we were proven right, when the results of the individual store profiling of existing customer bases were revealed.

In reality, you should not expect to find many “Far Flung Outposts” in Havering, nor would you expect to find “Uptown Elite” thriving in Berwick!

But that is really just the first step.

Targeting will continue to play a crucial role in future, more longer term marketing activity and will need re-visiting at regular intervals – at least annually for this and indeed any other client.

But don’t just take our word, read this really interesting article.

We recommend our door drop clients to regularly refresh their targeting profiles using data collected from their most recent campaigns.

That may result in some subtle tweaking as our lifestyle choices change our behaviour as consumers and its important as marketers we keep pace with that change.

Door drop targeting through systems such as MOSAIC is not based upon personal data and may well be immune from the threat of GDPR, which is a major concern for many marketers currently.

We believe door drops offer a major opportunity to clients needing to possibly replace their one to one communications strategies.

So, if it is a world you are entering for the first time in some years, or ever, take professional advice on board and don’t guess at or aspire to any given profile, base it upon facts – your facts.


Footnote : Far Flung Outposts and Uptown Elite are examples of Experian’s MOSAIC types


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