Door drop volumes – 2017

by Graham Dodd on 06/10/2017

9 months of the year completed, so time for a quarterly door drop volume update.

At the start of July when we published our 6 month review, our weekly volume was recorded at 7.3 items per week, but it would be only natural to expect a decline over the summer; precisely what has happened.

We now stand at 6.6 per week for the 40 completed weeks, partly due to a storming last 3 weeks of September where the average was just over 7, with a whopping 13 items last week.

With Christmas now firmly on many advertisers’ horizon, October will probably start to see the receipt of traditional “High Street” brochures for jewellery, toys etc.

Door drops should not however be the exclusive domain of clients with a physical presence in the High Street; as one of our associates clearly demonstrated in a recent blog.

When looking at how this overall volume is split by the different distribution options, our local solus/shared market is far and away the market leader with an average 4.6 items per week.

The only other serious player is Royal Mail door to door, but their weekly average of 1.8 is way behind.

The demise of free newspapers – our last remaining title has not been received since the end of July – makes the once powerful option a thing of the past in Cheshunt.

Across the 40 weeks analysed, there is just one week – August 14th – where the burgeoning local market failed to deliver, though in the same period there have been 7 weeks where no items have been received through Royal Mail D2D.

Our statistics do correlate with our overall views on the accuracy of DMA annual statistics – a claimed average of 4 items per week – which we believe reflects a RM D2D national average of c. 3, with one other item each week.

That simply reflects their inability to measure the true size of the local market.

Within the volume data, retail (national and local) remains the largest contributor with 37.5% market share, pretty closely followed by local businesses with 31.5% share.

“Local” distribution options also see charities contribute a further 23.9%, but almost exclusively collection bags.

This year’s last quarter started on Monday, but is quite possibly really only a 2 month quarter.

The last 2 weeks of December will be very quiet, with the first 2 weeks possibly only devoted to last minute Christmas activity.

My year end prediction will be for the annual average to be closer to 6 rather than 7 items per week, but I’m afraid you will have to wait until January for the result!

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