Door drop volumes – 2015

by Graham Dodd on 04/06/2015

A slightly “less than average” month of May, saw us receive 6.75 items per week, thus lowering the year to date average to 7.7.

Given the vast majority of the volume received in the year to date is classified as local businesses/service companies – 52.8%, generally distributed on a solus/shared basis – this would lead us to suggest that when focusing solely on “national” statistics, the suggestion in that arena could be that the weekly average is much nearer to four.

Certainly most national brands and services, plus public sector clients use Royal Mail door to door and/or free newspapers and that’s the average our poll shows.

A peer recently expressed a sigh of relief that General Election mania had subsided, as he felt the uncertainty over the result had affected many local advertisers confidence and his company had seen a dip in volume.

He might have a point, but that said our own clients’ activity in April was significant, with high volumes distributed by our major charity, public sector and retail clients in particular, a trend that has continued into May, so we are generally pretty busy (pleased to say!).

So on the other hand, we do also wonder whether that also possibly reflects a last minute pre election difference in attitude between local advertisers with less confidence and national advertisers with more confidence?

Flipping back to 2014 does also show overall volumes are slightly down on last year in the year to date, so with a Government now in power for the next 5 years, it will be interesting to see if there is any increase in across the board volumes in the months to come.

During May, our analysis shows that retail slightly stretched its lead in terms of market share to exactly 54%, followed by local companies/suppliers with nearly 17% and direct response clients just over 11%, the balance being split between the remaining business areas.

Of those major business areas, its interesting to look at the choice of final mile providers.

Most national retailers use RM D2D, though some use free newspapers, occasionally in combination; whilst local retailers tend to use solus distribution.

Most of our public sector receipt has again originated via RM D2D, apart from one highly targeted solus drop (which we planned and implemented), which demanded solus distribution.

And RM D2D retains its “market leader” positioning for direct response clients, free newspapers enjoy a small element of market share, yet solus contributes nothing.

As we enter the summer months (hopefully!), it will be interesting to see if the mix and nature of items changes.

There is no World Cup to excite the pizza retailers, but we are sure they will still be active.

But will perhaps more seasonal users come to the fore; garden centres, retailers selling garden furniture/barbecue products, closely followed by grocery multiples with barbecue food and alcohol offers, zoos, wildlife parks, caravan/holiday home centres and leisure centres.

We certainly have a mix of clients who have just or are about to distribute items in those categories, before Back to School becomes the next major topic for some!

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