Door drop volumes – 2017

by Graham Dodd on 11/04/2017

Welcome to our first volume blog of 2017, reviewing door drop volumes in the opening quarter of the year.

We came into 2017 on the back of two years where our weekly statistics showed come consistency, with 2015 recording an average of 7 items, which increased fractionally last year to 7.1.

Regular readers will know our statistics show door drop volumes to be higher than the official Direct Marketing Association’s.

DMA stats for 2015 were just 4.2 and the 2016 data is due to be published by no later than May, given that all members should have submitted their information by now (we have!).

We would still predict the DMA volume for 2016 to be much lower than ours, but their publication should coincide with our 6 month review, so something to re-visit then.

So far this year, our weekly average is still in the same zone at 7.3, but though relatively early in the year, there are some interesting changes when looking at the detail.

Last year Royal Mail door to door enjoyed 34.5% market share, but in the first quarter of the year that has fallen to 29.5%.

In comparison, the local solus/shared market has jumped from 60% last year to 67.3%, not only taking up the RM shortfall but a little from free newspapers whose 5.5% share in 2016 has fallen to just 3.2% this year (only three items in 13 weeks).

It is of course still quite early in the year and it will be interesting to see if and how this changes in the months to come.

Retail still continues to dominate the statistics at 48.4%, though that is slightly down on last year (54.2%), with local business standing at 24.2% up from last year’s 20.4%, though again time may well even those figures out.

Our overall view at this stage of the year is therefore that the medium continues to perform strongly in the face of some challenging times on the horizon for many clients, with the threat of GDPR looming.

But, is GDPR really a threat to door drop users?

More about the potential positive effect of GDPR on door drops in blogs to come.


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