Door drop volumes – 2016

by Graham Dodd on 05/04/2016

Our first analysis of 2016 door drop volumes sees little change from recent years’ findings in terms of market share and trends, but that still bucks the official view of the industry via the DMA.

A 13 week quarter saw 103 unaddressed items delivered through our door, with local solus/shared distributions enjoying 53.8% share of the volume, Royal Mail door to door 37.5% and free newspapers just 8.7% (which actually means just 9 items and 3 of those in the one week in the run up to Easter!).

Across the board, retail was still the major contributor with 52.4% of all items and was also the largest contributor for each market sector.

Local businesses were the second largest contributor with 19% of all items and perhaps not surprisingly, 95% were delivered on a solus/shared basis with one via the free newspaper and none through Royal Mail.

Charities and direct response clients were virtually neck and neck in volume terms, with 12% and 13% respectively, but interestingly, whilst Royal Mail were massive market leaders with 92% of all direct response items (the other 8% or 1 item was through free newspapers), the reverse was true with charities where solus enjoyed 84.6% share (all collection bags) with the remaining two items delivered by Royal Mail, of which one was a charity bag.

The public sector, political items and telecomms leaflets all made up the balance with small contributions.

Stand out amongst the analysis was the fact that we received a Domino’s leaflet via Royal Mail every week, whilst most of the industry’s other biggest hitters made at least one or two appearances

So, in 2015 the weekly average was 6.9 items, down from 2014’s 8.6, but this 1st quarter analysis shows signs of a revival with a volume of 7.9.

With so much recent media coverage about an apparent “return” to print as a favoured channel and certainly from our company perspective a good year so far for new users and new prospects, door drops do appear to be making something of a resurgence and it will be interesting in the next few months to see if that trend continues.

Just a week or so ago Decision Marketing published the following article :

The UK volume of 4 per week is based upon the DMA statistics, which ranks light years behind the Netherlands apparent 36 per week (though historically many used to be delivered collated together in a plastic bag?).

The UK also seems to lag behind Germany 14, Croatia 11, Italy (which fell to) 6 and European average of 12, but continues to beat Ireland and Romania with just 2 each, assuming the DMA figures are correct of course!

Italy’s fall was cited upon the economic pressures facing the country, whilst the Netherlands, Germany and Croatia’s volumes all increased, which makes it puzzling to see where the UK market stands?

No easy answer to that question, but as we have said time and time again, are the DMA figures accurate?

Does anyone have any thoughts on that?

The article also only refers to retail clients, which whilst accepting it is the largest business market, it is still just one market.

Targeting is equally important to charities and direct response clients, in fact to virtually all door drop clients.

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