Door drop volumes – 2014

by Graham Dodd on 04/02/2014

You may recall that our 2013 door drop volume analysis revealed an average weekly receipt of 9.04 items, 53.61% of which was “local” business, with both Royal Mail D2D and free newspapers splitting the remaining c. 46% pretty evenly between them?

That our highest single receipt week came in November with 19 items.

And that retailers contributed the largest market share with nearly 34% of items delivered, quite closely followed by direct response with just under 31%?

Well 2014 has begun in some style with 47 items being received over the 4 week period; 11.75 items per week, with w/c 6th coming close to the 2013 weekly high, when 18 items were received.

Retail again led the way with 57.5% of the market and with direct response coming in at 23.4%, over 80% of all items were received through the two largest sector contributors in 2013.

Last year we nominated Hillarys Blinds as the largest user of the medium and there seems no sign of respite with three items in the month, although bizarrely week one saw items delivered by both Royal Mail D2D and a local free newspaper?

But the client of the month was Domino’s, with a leaflet in every week through Royal Mail door to door.

The Spring is often heralded as a time when the house moving market kick starts and the local estate agents in Cheshunt appear to be warming up with four of them active during the month, representing 20% of the local market.

Historically, February has often been a low volume month.

January sales have subsided, the new year fitness boom has past and its generally too early for Easter promotions (certainly this year with Easter mid April), but with the economy continuing to show small signs of recovery, it will be interesting to see how this year pans out.

In 2014, we are adding a new feature to our volume blogs, comparing our receipt in Cheshunt to a summary of TLC’s clients’ monthly activity.

Interestingly, 58.4% of our clients volume was retail or location based (very similar to the statistic above), but 33.9% of our clients’ volume was from the public sector, with the remaining 7.7% emanating from direct response clients.

Nothing stunningly creative last month, so let’s now see what February brings.

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