Door drop volumes – 2014

by Graham Dodd on 03/06/2014

Apologies to those followers who have asked what had happened to our April volume report.

A combination of a very heavy workload and holidays conspired to delay production, so we decided to merge April with May and here is our latest update.

Market sector volumes remained pretty constant throughout both months, though we were a little surprised in a small decline of our flourishing local market.

A small increase in volume through Royal Mail door to door and free newspapers partially corrected that fall, so that the average weekly receipt for the year to date which stood at 10.85 at the end of March, actually increased to 10.94 at the end of April, but now falls back to 10.65.

The DMA are yet to release data on 2013 volumes, but we predict 10.65 will still represent a 100% increase on what the DMA will estimate the size of the market to be; but its been like that for years now.

Our local market still dominates market share with 51.2% of all items distributed, followed by Royal Mail with 28.2% and free newspapers the remaining 20.6%.  

In terms of business sector shares, retail is still by far the largest user of the medium with 54% of the total volume and its not surprising when evaluating the three door drop option statistics that fact remains constant; RM D2D 50%, free newspapers 63.6% and local solus/shared drops 52.4%.

Direct response items represent the second largest contributor for Royal Mail with 26.6% and free newspapers with 22.7%, but for the local market it is just 7.3% of their business.

The solus/shared market predictably is dominated by local businesses with 22.9% followed by free newspapers with 9.10%, but RM did not deliver any “local” items at all.

We have also reviewed the business sectors in which TLC operates on behalf of its wide range of clients in comparison.

Just 14% of our clients’ items in the year to date are retail, followed closely by direct response with 13%, currently dwarfed by the 43.3% market share of our charity clients and both again beaten by our public sector 18.6% volume and closely followed by our 10.4% leisure clients.

An indicator of the wide range of experience TLC has in all business areas.

Charities and public sector clients do of course feature in the Royal Mail D2D volumes, but in Cheshunt, to relatively low levels.

And despite our proximity to the motorway network and leisure attractions (theme parks, zoos, wildlife parks etc.) nothing seems to have come our way, though perhaps that will change in the next month or so.

Looking briefly at client activity, the weekly Domino’s leaflets have continued to arrive this year, so 20 so far (!), which when recently discussing distribution frequency with a client made them spill their coffee!

Tesco last week distributed a couple of eye catching die cut leaflets for their banking and home insurance services, though I was not convinced by the similar creative on one side of both pieces.

There was no doubt however that the die cuts made me look at them first, before the more standard Sainsbury and Iceland (and of course Domino’s) leaflets.

June traditionally can be a quiet month, although with the World Cup starting, it will be interesting to see if there is any surge in football related activity.

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