Door drop volumes – 2014

by Graham Dodd on 25/07/2014

A combined update on door drop volumes in Cheshunt for May and June, market sector splits and business area breakdowns.

Both months were pretty similar to terms of volume, with 38 items received in the 4 week month of May and 41 in the 5 week month of June.

That makes the 6 month total 254 over a 25 week period, an average of 10.16 per week.

Local businesses (almost entirely solus distributions) contributed 127 items – exactly 50% of the total over that period, with Royal Mail door  to door 74 items/29.1% and our two weekly free newspapers the remaining 53 items/20.9%.

Retail across the three business areas continues to lead the way with 54.7% share, followed by direct response at 15.35%, local services at 13% and charities (mainly collection bags) at 9%. The remaining percentage of items are split between public sector, leisure, political drops, f.m.c.g. and telecoms clients.

A couple of stand out “entries” over this period of time as well.

We have previously referred to Domino’s weekly distribution of a menu leaflet – in different sizes – through Royal Mail D2D which is still ongoing, but how early did Pizza Hut have to book the slot in the week before the World Cup kicked off to keep them out that week!?

And still on the World Cup theme, The Sun newspaper commissioned a separate day solus distribution through Royal Mail on the Thursday before the World Cup and delivered 22 million items across the country. A massive project and one that showed the service’s detractors perhaps just how flexible Royal Mail D2D can be – but presumably at a cost!

Some of the local businesses also picked up on the World Cup theme, but there was no other evidence of national brands, retailers or services running similar activity.

At TLC towers we found an interesting comparison when analysing our clients’ business areas activity in comparison to the overall statistics.

Our largest sector so far this year is charities with 35.95% market share in comparison to a relatively paltry 9% – and mainly collection bags at that.

Retail is not far behind with 30.5%, a stat that is some way behind the volume log.

Because we will only even receive public sector items from our local and county councils or NHS organisations, its not surprising that our minor industry stat is dwarfed by our clients’ 16% contribution, which itself is followed by direct response clients contributing 11.5%.

Our “industry” statistics continue to be out of step with DMA statistics, but they have been for several years now, which is an interesting conundrum.

The DMA 2013 information has finally been released although we have not thoroughly evaluated the report, but anyone wishing to receive a copy should just get in touch, but we will shortly issue a blog on the DMA stats.

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