Door drop volumes – 2014

by Graham Dodd on 09/10/2014

After the relatively quiet month of August when just 23 door drop items were received, September showed a considerable increase to 37 – despite Cheshunt losing its primary free newspaper midway through the month.

Since that publication’s demise, we have not received the alternative title either (?), so just 5 items are attributed to free newspapers out of that 37 – presumably leaving the local business market reviewing their door drop strategies.

The DMA’s volume report for 2013 suggested that the demise of free newspapers in areas leads to clients migrating to Royal Mail D2D, but here at TLC we have never wholly agreed with that belief.

Our month by month monitor of door drop items will now allow us to track any change.

TLC suspect smaller, possibly local clients, who were major users of free newspapers will not generally migrate to Royal Mail because of the increased cost issues and how many national clients, presumably with set marketing budgets, can afford a complete switch of volume?

TLC believe the smaller clients may well seek local shared, even solus opportunities, whilst national clients may switch some planned volume into Royal Mail D2D, but not to the same level as they would have distributed via newspapers because of budgetary constraints.

Some clients may of course switch budget into other media and/or online and the industry will potentially lose that volume and revenue long term.

Local solus distributors still enjoyed the lion’s share of the market in the month with just over 50% market share and Royal Mail door to door picking just over a third.

Retail again led the way in terms of monthly volume and our year to date statistics show that area has now contributed 56% of all items received.

Direct response and local clients both contribute a further 14% each, with charities at 9% the only other major contributor.

Our average weekly receipt over 38 weeks so far this year now stands at 9.03, nearly double the DMA statistics for last year.

Domino’s amazingly have kept up their weekly distribution record with Royal Mail, whilst other household names such as BT, Tesco, Hillarys and the Salvation Army all made appearances as well.

Charities were also in evidence almost on a weekly, solus basis, where collection bags were the items delivered.

Nothing spectacular or stand out from a creative perspective to report on.

September was TLC’s third busiest month of the year to date, with our retail and direct response clients both contributing over 30% of our monthly volume, with public sector clients not far behind with nearly 30% of our volume.

Our annual business split in the year to date mirrors industry statistics with retail having the largest share at just over 30%, whilst our charity clients have contributed just under 30% and both the public sector and direct response clients now contributing c. 15% each.

Those statistics just enhance how our planning, targeting and door drop media buying skills have been implemented on a wide range of client’s door drop requirements in the year to date.

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