Door drop volumes – 2015

by Graham Dodd on 05/02/2015

Whilst our January receipt of door drop items was predictably high as it historically always is, the overall statistics to some degree mask an “interesting” month.

42 items were received overall, an average of 10.5 per week, yet there was one week where we received no Royal Mail door to door delivery and another week with no leaflets via our free newspaper.

To cynics who may say that the “shortfalls” have something to do with delivery quality, having checked with Royal Mail, there was no delivery planned in their empty week and in the other week, the free newspaper did arrive, it was just not carrying any leaflets.

Business area splits show a continuation of trends in recent years with solus/shared drops enjoying 55% market share, Royal Mail weighing in with 31% (4.3 items per week in a 3 week month) and free newspapers the remaining 14% (2 items per week in a 3 week month).

Retail is again by far the largest market sector with exactly 50% of all items, direct response and local businesses contributed 19% each and charities (all collection bags) the remaining 12%.

A couple of highlights we will keep an eye on during the year; Domino’s who were effectively a weekly distribution last year only used Royal Mail twice in the 4 week month – though Pizza Hut did take up another week and the Co-op dropped the same leaflet through RM and free newspapers in one week (though that might be a planning error by somebody).

Surprisingly the mix only included only one leisure item and one fitness item and even that in the last week of the month, in a period of time when we would have expected both areas to have been more prominent – there are three gyms within walking distance!

By comparison our clients’ output in January was 47% retail activity (so very close to industry statistics), but charity contributed 33% of our workload (none of it collection bags!), the public sector a further 18% and academia the final 2%.

Within that, roughly 35% of the retail figure could be attributed to fitness clients and 7% to a leisure client, so overall our client mix was different to what we received, but that of course is attributable to many variables.

February is traditionally a quiet month for the distribution industry, but with Easter at the beginning of April we would predict a busy March which may start as “early” as w/c 16th.

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