Door drop volumes – 2015

by Graham Dodd on 05/03/2015

Following on from the relatively high weekly receipt in January of 10.5 items per week, February predictably dipped to an average of 6.5, making the weekly average for the year to date 8.5.

And there was a very definite business split between solus drops with 54% market share and Royal Mail with 42% market share, because in four weeks, free newspapers delivered just one leaflet and even that was for a small local business, so no national clients.

Pretty much since we started this monthly review of the door drop items we receive, free newspaper volumes have been on the wane, but we cannot ever recall a month where just one leaflet was distributed.

The demise of free newspaper coverage nationally has been a matter of record for some time and whilst in recent months the decline appears to have been arrested to a degree, there is no doubt that their attraction as a “national” door drop option has decreased significantly.

Whilst free newspapers still provide an efficient and reliable service at an affordable price where they exist, many publishers are not working hard enough to attract business in our opinion.

Through our SMART-Drop service we can improve the end product provided to door drop clients and we know how well it works for many of them, with some clients clamouring for more coverage.

But some publishers are unable or unwilling to provide the data which fuels the service.

We don’t really know why, because some publishing contacts within the newspaper groups don’t even have the courtesy to respond to emails, which given we are a customer is appalling.

We are actually trying to increase the level of business we are providing to them and regenerate the value of free newspapers with clients, but the silence is deafening.

From within the statistics its interesting to note that Domino’s have gone from a distribution every week in the first 8 weeks of 2014 to just three in 2015 (Pizza Hut have been active twice), whilst our new Papa Johns outlet have also been seen twice.

In our humble opinion, the worst creative of the month award goes to Vodafone.

Three different font sizes based on one typeface, white print reversed out of orange (you definitely need glasses to read the smallest font size) on one side and then red and orange print reversed out of a white background on the other, but that still left a lot of “empty” space in an A5 leaflet.

And the branding.

The word Vodafone appears once on each side, with the word being 9mm long and just 2-3mm tall and we had to look several times to realise who the leaflet was for.

At one stage we were playing a guess the logo game (just in one corner on both sides) and whilst all the prices stand out, the multiple use of the word “only” could have perhaps been used to much greater effect.

And so we look forward to March when with Easter at the end of the last week of the month, we would predict an increase in volume again.

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