Door drop volumes – 2015

by Graham Dodd on 07/05/2015

As an Easter month, April followed a predictable pattern which included the year’s second highest weekly output rate with 13 items received in the last full distribution week before the Bank Holiday weekend.

Overall, 29 items were received in the month (7.25 per week), bringing the weekly average with a third of the year gone, down slightly to 7.9.

Local companies/services using solus distribution primarily (there were a couple of shared items) continue to dominate the scene with 65% of the business, leaving the remaining 35% to Royal Mail door to door.

What that does also mean of course is there were no items distributed via free newspapers.

We don’t ever recall a month like that.

The free newspaper marketplace is certainly experiencing tough times and volumes have dropped considerably to perhaps a couple of items a month, but still.

In the year to date (17 weeks), free newspapers have only contributed an astonishing 9 items, just 6.7% market share; how times change.

Overall, retail continues to dominate the market sector with marginally less than 50% share, followed by local services/businesses with just less than 20%, direct response at 11% and charities (mainly bags) 7.5%.

With the election upon us, its interesting to see what political parties delivered leaflets to Broxbourne, a Conservative stronghold.

Answer; UKIP via Royal Mail, the Green Party through local activists, as did the Conservatives who also knocked on my front door, but no sign of the Liberal or Labour Parties (the Conservatives actually delivered again yesterday, May 6th).

I wonder how many areas are the same or completely the opposite given the polls?

Surprisingly no sign of any DIY outlets or garden centres pre Easter, so the local garden centre who delivered to us in mid March got my garden furniture order!

Only one Domino’s leaflet this month and no sign of Pizza Hut or Papa Johns who normally make appearances, though the multitude of local eateries were active enough.

Nothing stand out in creative terms with some large, national companies delivering the same style leaflet seemingly as ever.

A relatively ordinary month all in all!

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