Door drop volumes – an update

by Graham Dodd on 03/12/2013

It’s a record!

W/c November 25th saw us receive a whopping 19 leaflets through the letterbox, beating the largest previous week’s total by 4.

Whilst the month was sprinkled with seasonal items; Toys R Us, H. Samuel and Ernest Jones (in the same free newspaper in the same week), it was also noticeable for a presumably hastily constructed appeal by the British Red Cross in aid of those affected by the disaster in the Philippines.

Hillary’s made their regular entrance with two leaflets via the same free newspaper in alternate weeks, which made us wonder again about their media planning?

If you are intent on covering EN8 9 that regularly, what is the benefit of using the same newspaper, when there is multiple choice in the sector?

Why not use each title once and potentially (and actually because we know!) cover different sets of households?

It’s a sure sign two houses have sold in my road in the last couple of weeks.

Within the local business leaflet mix, there was a small surge in estate agent leaflets suggesting that if I was thinking about selling they were the right choice to help me in that process, but I’m staying put.

And there was also an amazing local business “shareplan” where no less than 8 leaflets were delivered at the same time.

As we have noted before, competing items does not seem to be an issue for at least some of the participants who are presumably buying the service on price, as they continue to seem happy to have their leaflets delivered alongside their competitors – which presumes they are not buying what they think is a solus service!

So our average weekly receipt in November was 11 and the year to date creeps up again slightly to 9.8.

Overall statistics again saw local businesses distributed on a solus/shared basis dominate the scene with 47.7% market share (52.4% in the year to date), followed by free newspapers with a monthly share of 31.8% (25.2% in the year to date) and Royal Mail D2D again bringing up the rear with 20.5% in the month (and 22.4% in the year to date).

As I write this blog, local business has already kicked off December with a strong start, in a month where we would anticipate tiny volumes in w/c 23rd, but perhaps see w/c 30th bounce back as January sales hit our doormats.

What is for certain, is that the annual “conclusion” will show that local businesses in Cheshunt at least, are using door drops extensively and that the local businesses will have contributed over 50% of all items we received during the year, but we will confirm that early in the New Year.

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