Door drop volumes – an update

by Graham Dodd on 15/05/2013

The month of April, starting with Easter week, was noticeable for several reasons.

W/c April 1st was our first week of the year where we received no Royal Mail door to door delivery.

Over the years, there have been occasions when we received nothing from RM, but it is unusual.

Occasionally the omission is corrected the following week when two week’s allocation is received, perhaps indicating normal postal staff holidays, but not on this occasion.

The other key point was a small flurry of enormous A3 folded items from Hillary’s Blinds, Everest and Virgin, as well as at least one other we became involved with through an associate company – all delivered by Royal Mail D2D, with two of them actually arriving together.

Perhaps these national companies share a media agency and/or a door drop supplier who is promoting the “big is beautiful concept”, but they certainly gained our attention!

Our weekly average crept up still further this month from the 9.08 until the end of March to 9.6 in April.

Retail still dominates market share with a whopping 43% of the market and within that statistic is an interesting fact that 41% of that volume is “local” businesses distributed on a solus basis.

That is closely followed with 36% being delivered by free newspapers although primarily national retailers, leaving Royal Mail door to door bringing up the rear in the retail sector.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, “local” leaflets commonly for businesses in the service industry, distributed on a solus basis, represented 85% of the overall 21% solus volume received.

Royal Mail D2D did lead the way in delivering direct response items with 48% market share, but they were very closely followed by free newspapers with 44%.

The local elections did nothing to swell the volume with only one political leaflet being received and at the time of the elections, that seemed to be a widespread fact, which is slightly surprising based upon historical data, but perhaps that indicates a difference in local and general election funding?

The charity sector maintains its presence as a key business area for the door to door industry with a 14% market share and the proliferation of bags continued!

And interestingly, its a business area where there is little difference between Royal Mail D2D and solus, although the latter does dominate the bag market.

The DMA Door Drop statistics are still somewhere within the walls of Margaret Street, but they have been compiled!

At a meeting on April 19th, top line figures for 2012 were revealed by embargoed, so we cannot make any further comment at this stage, but perhaps next month!

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