Door drop volumes – an update

by Graham Dodd on 04/09/2013

August turned out to be as expected, a relatively quiet month with just 24 items received, exactly 6 per week.

That results in the year to date weekly average falling slightly to 8.7.

In August, free newspapers were the most popular service provider with 42% market share, followed by Royal Mail with 33% (despite having a week where no items were delivered – only the second time this year), which a little surprisingly left solus with just 25%.

Free newspapers were very slightly boosted by a repeat of the “double” distribution we referred to in July, where one major retailer had their door drop item delivered by both free newspapers in EN8 9?

Is this a new strategy therefore, or a planning error not recognised yet?

Retail with 58% share was the largest business sector and the low volume of solus activity unsurprisingly therefore saw local business contribute just 17%.

There was little that we would call stimulating in terms of creative and most of the “regular” leaflets received continue to deliver the same creative drop on drop.

We would be interested to hear from clients and agencies about this?

Does continually delivering the same creative aid consumer/shopper recall and consistently trigger response/increase footfall?

Years ago the DMA held focus group research in Sheffield, where a group of housewives of mixed age ranges, openly admitted waiting for the Sheffield Gazette their only weekly free newspaper, to arrive before embarking on the weekly shop.

In the knowledge that any number of grocery multiples’ leaflets would be with the paper, they waited to see what offers were available each week in each multiple and then plan their journeys, so repetitive activity certainly appeared to work for them.

Within our local items this month was one “shared” distribution which made us laugh.

Whether the items were meant to be shared is a question to be asked of the supplier and it is perhaps something clients who are offered distribution at £35/40.00 per 1,000 should consider before committing their activity; are my leaflets really delivered on their own or alongside others?

If I was the local Slimming World franchise, I’m not sure I would be too chuffed to have my leaflet delivered alongside one from the local kebab house?

Accompanied by one of the local mini cab companies, if you are looking to lose weight but fancy the odd kebab, surely a walk to the shop would be better for you than getting a cab?

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