Door drop volumes – an update

by Graham Dodd on 10/10/2013

Following on from the predictably “quiet” month of August, September’s door drop volume virtually doubled to 44 items, a weekly average of 11.

Annually, the total number of items received to date is 347, which over the 39 weeks of the year which have so far elapsed is a weekly average of 8.9.

With Christmas now firmly on the horizon, we would expect this higher level of leaflets to be maintained in October and November, which traditionally are also popular months for charities.

September’s items did not dramatically change the market share percentages, although solus activity saw a tiny drop to 50.7%, which prompted similarly small increases in Royal Mail D2D to 24.3% and free newspapers to 24.9%.

Following last month’s volume blog, an agency client questioned the market share percentages between Royal Mail D2D and free newspapers, asking if we felt that reflected the national picture?

Our view is that it probably does not.

We would suggest that Royal Mail D2D’s national market share is much higher than it is in Cheshunt.

Cheshunt is still a town which receives two free newspapers each week and therefore provides advertisers with multiple choice and an “alternative” to Royal Mail D2D.

Grocery multiples still account for a significant amount of national leaflet activity and in areas which no longer have free newspapers, RM becomes the medium of choice.

63.4% of our free newspaper monitor is attributed to retail and 53.8% of that total is grocery multiple items.

In a town with no free newspapers, that volume either wholly or partially, would almost certainly switch into RM D2D.

Retail remains the largest user of our door drop volume with 39.8% share, followed by local services leaflets with 20%, direct response clients contribute 16.4% and charities 15.5% (with a significant number of collection bags), with the remainder split between telecoms, f.m.c.g., public sector and political leaflets.

What caught our eye in September?

A local curry house leaflet demonstrated some strategic thinking by including a loyalty scheme within their solus leaflet.

Prompted by an initial stamp on the leaflet, spend £10.00 or more on four subsequent visits, collect your stamps on the leaflet and on your sixth redeem the leaflet for £20.00 of food.

And we also received two “largish” charity items delivered by Royal Mail D2D.

One from the British Red Cross weighed in at 79 grammes and contained a couple of coasters along with a range of literature and the other from the British Legion which contained a medium sized wooden Remembrance cross.

Falling three feet to the floor they certainly both landed with a thump, telling us the post had arrived and without doubt triggered an immediate review of what had been delivered.

Creating impact on the doormat – that’s what its all about!

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