Door drop volumes – an update

by Graham Dodd on 13/11/2013

Following a surge in the number of items received in September, our prediction for volume in October was that the trend would continue with Christmas on the horizon and Autumn often a favoured period by charities.

That prediction proved correct with the weekly average receipt being 10 items, boosting the year to date average to 9.7, but it was achieved in a slightly surprising manner.

Royal Mail D2D delivered just four items in the month spread over three weeks, just 10% of the total volume.

Free newspapers produced a very similar result where the two titles we receive each week contributed just six items, again spread over three weeks, 15% of the total.

Which left our local, solus or shared market with a whopping 30 items – 75% market share!

These scores obviously had an effect on the year to date averages.

Our local market has been for most of the year, double the volume of Royal Mail door to door and free newspapers combined and that lead stretched slightly.

53.4% of all items received by us this year have come from local solus/shared drops, 23.8% via free newspapers, with Royal Mail D2D now bringing up the rear with 22.8%.

November could well be another interesting month and already in the first week, the above trend has been maintained, but more of that next month.

Retail still dominates the overall market with 40.6% market share (with local retailers the largest part of that percentage, delivered via solus/shared drops), followed by general local business promotional activity with 20.9% share and again very much the largest part of that is solus/shared drops.

Direct response occupies third spot with 16% market share, but turning the tables on their heads, Royal Mail D2D has the largest share with 47.5%, but very closely followed by free newspapers with 42.4%.

Nothing wildly exciting in terms of creativity in October, but again we were left a little baffled by Hillary’s door drop planning which saw one of our free newspaper titles carry the same leaflet twice in three weeks AND in one of those weeks, Royal Mail also distributed a different version of the leaflet?

We really don’t believe that can have a positive effect on response levels or ROI!

And once again, are local businesses cutting corners on shared drops to save money?

Two shared drops we received consisted of competing items, one mix being a local Turkish restaurant, alongside an Indian restaurant, with the set completed by a pizza takeaway?

A week after, a kebab leaflet alongside another Turkish leaflet shared space on our doormat with a Slimming World leaflet (!), but we have made that point before!

Judging by our own workload we would expect November to be a busy month as well, but we will update you on that in December.

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