Door drops are not all about postal sector execution

Does your current door drop supplier only provide you with postal sector door drop solutions?

When (assuming you are presented with a full postal sector ranking) you realise there are literally thousands of target market households (possibly tens of thousands) below the proposed cut off point, do you wonder how you might engage with that untapped potential audience?

As our unique SMART-Drop service nears its 11th birthday, we thought it useful to remind you that there is an alternative approach available.

SMART-Drop is a door drop planning tool based upon postcode units i.e. EN8 9HU, which on average contain 15 households.

MOSAIC, our preferred targeting tool, is similarly based upon postcode units, so a direct match.

Some clients do also provide us with the postcode units they wish to cover and we can create bespoke plans from their data.

So, on a postal sector ranking, EN8 9 has 3,378 total households, only 40% of which are your primary target market. But that’s 1,351 households in a sector within your door drop geography be that drive time or distance or simply a ranking of all sectors within a geographic area, that a postal sector drop may ignore.

The 1,351 households meet your targeting criteria, but your door drop activity have never engaged with them, presumably because no door drop supplier has ever offered you that opportunity. Well, The Letterbox Consultancy does!

Our door drop proposals routinely contain a mixture of whole sectors through Royal Mail D2D and SMART-Drop through teams, whereas most providers, whether they be agencies or door drop providers will simply offer postal sectors.

For clients working to assigned territories which are not based upon whole postal sectors, SMART-Drop offers a solution to those smaller, partial sectors which may just currently fall between the gaps and we offer you a real opportunity to engage in these areas.

We know it works for car dealerships as just one example, but any “retail” location in reality can benefit from this service.

For food delivery companies, whether they be nationwide providers or just a single High Street presence, where door drop plans are almost certainly based upon drive time, we again know the process works.

But equally our experience with charities, perhaps those with niche target markets in particular, has produced strong results in these partial coverage sectors.

And just last week, one of the primary reasons we won a public sector tender for a county council, was because we were the only provider out of three to offer coverage of postal sectors partially within the council’s boundaries. Amazingly, that was in excess of 20,000 households or 4%+ of their residents!

So don’t settle for a bland, perhaps even lazy door drop solution.

Speak to specialists who will go that extra mile and have a product that has proven its worth for more than 10 years.

We equally enjoy the challenges other clients present to us, where SMART-Drop is the ONLY door drop solution. Think bus/coach routes, cycle paths, canals, railways etc., where bespoke, “snake like” distribution patterns are produced.

Targeting after all is one of the major influencing elements of any successful door drop plan and surely it makes sense to target to the greatest degree achievable.

Feel free to get in touch at any time. We would be more than happy to provide you with some specimen data, either from our existing library, or create bespoke data based upon any area of your choice, so that your local knowledge can judge the level of accuracy?

Graham Dodd, Managing Director