Colleges & Universities

Delivering a leaflet in the vicinity of a college or university has increasingly become part of many such bodies’ marketing armoury. Door drops are a flexible, accountable, responsive and affordable medium, and one that can be more intrusive than some marketers believe.

By working closely with many colleges and universities, we have developed an intricate package of services to help them achieve their objectives. Such objectives and target markets may change from campaign to campaign; for example, there is a world of difference in reaching consumers with a door drop who may be interested in adult education classes, compared to reaching a younger generation seeking higher education.

Maximising target market penetration levels within specified postcode areas is a key requisite for many colleges and universities and it is clear that some conventional door drop solutions are only providing blanket coverage at postal sector level. Whilst such solutions may be acceptable for certain campaigns, many colleges and universities who have niche target market objectives may find that blanket coverage is wasteful of money and resources.

Planning academia door drops

Our planning skills and experience have enabled us to put together a range of options that help colleges and universities achieve their marketing objectives:

  • As licensed Royal Mail door to door re-sellers, we can offer you a planning service that only requires you to liaise with us.
  • We have access to all the free newspaper publications in the UK and have similarly developed a network of teams to drop leaflets on a solus basis.
  • But what really makes us stand out from the crowd is our SMART-Drop service.

SMART-Drop offers clients the opportunity to target and deliver their promotional literature driven by the use of MOSAIC data, in units of hundreds of households rather than the thousands associated with postal sectors. And distribution is available on a solus basis or alongside a free newspaper.

SMART-Drop is driven by postcode units e.g. EN8 9HU, which generally consist of just 15-18 households – the same level that MOSAIC data is collected at – so there is a perfect symmetry between the targeting data and the delivery mechanic.

And it may be that your door drop solution is any appropriate combination of these options.

We will provide full support throughout the planning process and subsequently book your door drop activity to an agreed media plan.

Before we reach that stage, we would be delighted to provide a speculative response to your formal brief.

We would welcome any opportunity to be able to bring our experience to bear on your door drop activity. To find out more contact us now.