Exciting times at The Letterbox Consultancy


A few weeks ago we announced the appointment of Chris Rothwell as our new Senior Account Director, our first ever senior external appointment.

That heralded an exciting new dawn at TLC and as old as I am, enthuses me for the future. Thank you to the multitude of well wishers to both Chris and the company.

26+ years ago, following a long career in the door drop industry at various major players, having spotted a gap in the market, I took the bold step to plough my own furrow.

As the business grew, I never had any intention of growing into another large player and the trick really became undertaking enough business to maintain a decent lifestyle. But the business continued to grow and albeit family, I took on staff.

I was scaling heights I had never dreamed of and at one point I nearly sold up, but in the 11 years since Neal came on board, we have never looked back.

Customised offices and the employment a few years ago of our first external staff mirrored continued expansion and by then, our client list of household names had grown into something to be really proud of.

We have added new working practices and systems, state of the art technology and have a future vision for the company which is exciting, but we needed more senior staff, hence the arrival of Chris.

The last 18 months have been truly astonishing.

The surge of Covid related drops was countered by the almost complete demise of retail activity, but in certain other business areas clients increased their use of the medium. Whilst all working remotely, we not only managed our expected business levels, but surpassed them two years in a row.

I have no doubt that as described in another recent post, our service levels provided clients equally working in unusual circumstances with the answers they were seeking, in the timeframes they required; even at weekends!

Some new services are door drop related, but we are also launching a new division completely separate to door drop, after successfully completing some soft, client testing showed an appetite for our skills.

Barely a week currently passes by without another door drop opportunity arising. Of course we don’t win them all and we are always disappointed when we don’t, particularly when the reasons provided are spurious to say the least, but the client is king in those situations.

But its interesting that more and more major industry users, plus potential new users are talking to us on a regular basis.

So any time you feel like an informal chat, feel free to call 01992 637333 and talk to Neal, Chris or myself. There will be no pressure, no industry politics, just a chat about your needs, your concerns and how we can help resolve any issues you may have.

If you decide to retain your existing supplier, that’s fine. We will be disappointed, but we will always be here.

And if you like the sound of the direction we will take with you – tell your friends!

And, to anyone considering take a step into the unknown, follow your dreams and give it a go, otherwise you will never know. Be prepared to make sacrifices, work long hours possibly with little initial reward, but hang on in there. It will be worth it!

Graham Dodd, Manging Director