38% increase in coupon usage

by Neal Dodd on 16/01/2014

A recent consumer survey completed by Valassis, featured in Promotional Marketing in an article by Penny Dryden (Commercial Director), showed a boost in consumer spending confidence, as 78% of those surveyed declared that they had no concerns regarding their seasonal shopping.

Yet despite this confidence, figures from 2013 show a massive 38% increase in the number of coupons used – at 275 million in the first half of the year alone. Estimates show a potential saving of £1.7 billion for consumers throughout 2013.

So why are coupons becoming more popular, despite the apparent economic recovery?

The article suggests that there is a strong argument that consumer behaviour is so entrenched in the use of coupons, that it’s hard to give up.

Furthermore, retailers have fuelled this behaviour, using coupons as a method of driving sales uplift in what has been a challenging period.

Whilst the use of digital coupons is on the rise, printed coupons still dominate the market.

At TLC, we have planned and implemented a number of high profile coupon campaigns for FMCG clients throughout the past few years. There are several reasons why the distribution of coupons via door to door appeals to FMCG companies in the UK:

– The coupon can be targeted to specific households using a range of profiling and sales data – by using existing shopper marketing information, combined with household profiling techniques, door drops can offer significant confidence about who is actually receiving the coupon.

– The distribution can be planned at store level – not only does this mean that those receiving the coupon will be perfectly located to use it within a major multiple, for example, that you can dictate, but it also enables us as door drop planners to specifically target stores where sales data shows a history of promotional response.

– Affordable method of distribution – at TLC, we can plan coupon distribution by choosing clusters of households as small as 150-200, allowing us to be very specific about the households that receive the coupon. This level of targeting can be achieved for as little as 2p per coupon.

If you’re interested to see how we can plan and implement the door drop distribution of your planned coupon activity, please contact us today.

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