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by graham on 28/01/2011

As part of an ongoing campaign against the misredemption of money-off coupons, The Institute of Promotional Marketing recently conducted ‘mystery shopper’ research to assess whether any improvement had been made in coupon redemption trends. Major multiples were tested to identify whether they would allow a money-off coupon to be used when the shopper was not buying the relevant product.

The results have been published and show a fall from an average 40% mis-redemption, down to an average of 28%. This is good news for the IPM and suggests that the campaign is having a positive impact. Whilst the IPM acknowledges there is still more work to be completed, particularly with some retailers, these results are a huge step in the right direction. 

For the full article, please visit the IPM News

This decreasing level of misuse is a positive sign for FMCG companies that are seeking to run promotions aimed at driving product trial, in an increasingly competitive and price sensitive marketplace.  

Taking into account this news, consider how powerful a coupon campaign or product sampling activity which includes a coupon to stimulate future purchase, delivered via door drop marketing can be.  

First stage targeting allows us to create drive time or distance models from nominated grocery multiples.

Then overlaid with SMART-Drop – our revolutionary new targeting and door drop service, we have the power to target consumer groups in clusters of 150-200 households, giving FMCG companies the opportunity to place a coupon or sample into the hands of their target consumers. 

With such accurate targeting, and a growing confidence that coupons will be redeemed only when the product is purchased, surely now is the time for FMCG companies to be looking at a door drop proposal?

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