Free webinar – grow your business


For more than 20 years, door drop clients, particularly but not exclusively agencies, have invited us into their offices to provide door drop training sessions to their staff.

But Covid has of course curtailed such events, at a time when door drop was very much a go to medium for many clients, with consumers spending more time at home.

So we had to adapt.

The solution is in the form of a webinar, so staff can all engage whether in the office, at home, anywhere really!

The webinar is an introduction to the door drop medium and the opportunities it provides, but the remainder can be tailored to meet your specific requirements in terms of market sector/s.

The relatively recent rise in the use of JICMail data for door drop planning allows us to provide sets of research, covering key issues such as levels of engagement, item retention periods and subsequent commercial actions as examples.

As one of only 10 UK companies to have been awarded Platinum Partner status with JICMail, we are perfectly positioned to share this detail with you.

And as the UK’s only impartial and independent source of door drop planning and implementation, you can be sure our recommendations are driven by your requirements and are not fuelling in-house services.

In recent months, LinkedIn has been awash with posts littered with damaging, factual errors about the medium by companies for whom its not necessarily a core business, trying to ride the wave of a successful medium.

Royal Mail D2D does not have a 6 week booking lead time, large distribution volumes cannot be distributed in one day, door drop response can be instant but it can also have a long tail, door drops are not personally addressed to homeowners and cheap very definitely is not always cheerful!

Partly dependent upon your objectives, sessions generally take 45-60 minutes and can be set up to start at any time of the working day.

So if you would welcome a chat about staging such a session feel free to call Neal on 01992 637333 or email, to discuss content and timings.

Our extensive experience across countless business sectors will probably mean we have worked in your sector before and have first-hand knowledge to share.

Look forward to hearing from you and feel free to share with your network.

Graham Dodd, CEO