GDPR and door drops – the new solution

by Graham Dodd on 19/04/2018

Nowhere within the tsunami of articles about the effects of GDPR, have I seen any positivity toward the medium of door drops from commentators.

There seems to be a groundswell of agreement that one to one channels such as SMS, telephone, email and cold direct mail have real challenges ahead of them as industries, but perhaps more importantly, the clients who use these mediums extensively, have bigger issues in terms of generating new users/customers/interest in the products, brands or services.

I am sure we are not alone in the door drop industry in seeing a spike in website visitors and enquiries as a result, but our greatest learnings to date from the surge, have come from the lack of understanding that exists about door drops and what they can achieve.

Too many clients and agencies simply view door drops as a blunt tool, dropped to “thousands” of households, making it a mass medium.

But when we talk to clients and agencies, there is also commonly surprise at just how targeted the medium can be.

And it all starts with the humble postcode unit – EN8 9HU.

Its genuinely surprising how many people think their postcode is unique to the property in which they live.

A client recently refused to provide their postcode unit data for an annual profile refresh because they believed it contravened GDPR.

It doesn’t.

A postcode unit on average comprises of 15 properties, so you share your postcode with a cluster of other properties.

And it’s that same unit of geography, that MOSAIC targeting data (primarily census information) is based upon, which now drives our door drop targeting.

Postal sector targeting still influences the vast majority of door drop activity, but the rise of sub sector targeting cannot be ignored.

SMART-Drop, our unique sub sector service, 10 years old in May, has brought new users into the door drop medium and re-activated lapsed users, who previously had concerns about wastage at postal sector level.

There are few, if any other service providers in the door drop industry, who constantly promote the use of sub sector targeting.

If anything, many in the door drop industry have claimed sub sector drops do not work and consistently recommend sector only drops, with some also having dubious sector selection processes in my opinion, which possibly inflate the volume the client is expected to drop.

Sector solutions are never going to satisfy clients wrestling with the demise of one to one communications channels.

Why would you be proposing distribution to “thousands” of households, when sub sector options allow you to plan in “hundreds”.

Okay, not as rifle shot as one to one, but the next best thing?

Let me make you an offer.

Set us a challenge of whether we can create a door drop proposal to achieve your objectives.

Set the challenge in an area you know well and we will send you specimen data.

If you trust the integrity of the data in an area you know well, that must give you confidence that the process across the UK will achieve your objectives?

We are more than confident that you will agree with our findings – after all, we have been planning sub sector door drops for 10 years!

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