Happy 25 Years!

25 years ago to the day, The Letterbox Consultancy was registered as a company name, opening its doors for business on January 2nd 1996.

They were the days when telephone calls were the communication channel of choice, the sharing of urgent data was conducted by fax and important documentation such as contracts, invoices, NDA’s were sent by post.

Why I even had personalised envelopes printed!

My vision in offering door drop services through an independent and impartial service sought to break the mould of door drop buying.

My entire career before that had been at final mile providers, team shared distribution services at one end, shared alongside free newspapers at the other, sometimes a combination of both. But through all the companies I worked for, up to Director level, there was always the need to utilise “in-house”, sister company or indirect options, when external alternatives were perhaps sometimes more effective for the client.

Around that time, independent research was consistently showing free newspapers to provide more reliable coverage than teams, but that was not always reflected in the plans proposed to clients.

Royal Mail door to door had also made its entrance into the marketplace, offering a viable alternative.

So could I create a business providing clients with door drop plans I truly believed were best for them, using options in isolation or any appropriate combination to compete with final mile providers?

Well 25 years later the answer is a resounding yes.

And the model has since been adopted by many other door drop service providers, though they still commonly include their in-house final mile options.

But at TLC, we remain proud to offer an independent and impartial service.

I started with no clients and in those early days would look at all opportunities, including cash payment for distributing a couple of thousand leaflets for a lost cat!

We still undertake those smaller, localised drops (not necessarily for lost cats though!), but at the other end of the scale, multi million distributions for major High Street names, large and respected charities, leading fmcg brands, major direct response advertisers, the list is truly endless.

We have shed the small, family business tag competitors bestowed upon us in the early days, to become a respected and trusted door drop agency, working in partnership with our clients. We have continued to grow and have some ambitious plans for 2021.

Our core strength is insight and targeting, perhaps best demonstrated through our SMART-Drop service, now 10 years old, but still the only nationwide sub postal sector distribution service.

It’s a service most commonly used by clients as part of their overall distribution plan, providing coverage to geographical areas not covered on a postal sector plan, typically completed through Royal Mail D2D. That allows clients to engage with target market households perhaps for the first time through door drop.

But there are also some clients who only ever use SMART-Drop solutions for differing reasons.

So thank you to all the clients we have worked with over the last 25 years and the final mile suppliers who have supported us. May our relationships continue for years to come.

Despite 2020 being a truly dreadful year, we have enjoyed another successful year with several major account gains, so look forward to 2021 and continued success.

So whatever your past or current experience of door drops, if you ever fancy a chat about how we may be able to help you, feel free to contact us at any time by telephone or email.

You can be assured of a friendly, but professional response from people who will genuinely care about your business and provide door drop plans with your objectives uppermost in our minds.