I’m not sure that home working for many ever really went away, but increasing Covid requirements seem to certain to guarantee an increased stay at home audience between now and Christmas and sadly possibly into the New Year.

So will you take on board the Q2 JICMail door drop learnings and seek to engage with your target market, who hearing the flap of the letterbox, are most likely stretch their legs to see what has just been delivered to them.

So just what did JICMail Q2 tell us?

  • A more stay at home audience = exposed to mail more. Door Drop frequency up 15% year on year in Q2 2020
  • Double-digit improvements in mail lifespan. Door Drops are again the biggest mover compared to addressed advertising and business mail
  • Door Drops are far more likely to be read and kept in the home, while response rates have increased 50% on average
  • In a reverse to last year, the first half of the week mattered more for driving mail interaction in lockdown (perfect symmetry with Royal Mail door drops)
  • Improvements across all key metrics, with charity Door Drops 9% more likely to be shared than a year ago (as just one sector specific comment)
  • Many of the top brands who stayed active during lockdown earlier in the year saw their share of door mat increase. Extra share of voice = brand growth
  • Mail does more than just drive response (although response rates did improve in Q2!). It drives brand conversations, calls and web traffic

So now you need an informed, enthusiastic and knowledgeable door drop supplier, who will provide first stage thoughts on your brief within 24 hours.

Drawing on decades of experience across all business sectors, TLC will provide you with an impartial and independent proposition and manage the process from start to finish.

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